Dr. Srinubabu

From a passionate scientist to a science-stalwart!

Dr. Srinubabu’s journey to pioneering ground-breaking scientific education and training methods began when he received the “Young Scientist Award” for a research paper he produced for an international conference at the Human Proteome Organization in Seoul, Korea, in 2007. The award inspired him to establish OMICS International in 2007, with the mission to free scientific knowledge from all barriers.

Dr. Srinubabu as a Publisher and International Science Conference Curator

What is OMICS International?

OMICS is a Biological concept which, in combination with other disciplines, provides the basis for Genomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics.

Taking notice of the difficulties his fellow colleagues were facing in accessing scientific information relevant to their research, Dr Srinubabu committed himself to providing “Open Access” information, meaning information that is freely and immediately accessible for any academic or research requirement, to the global scientific community.

OMICS International is an ever-expanding publishing group with 700 open access journals in the fields of Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Management, and Life Sciences. Today, more than 30,000 scientific research articles are published annually within OMICS International.

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In Search of Life Science Industry Talent

In Search of Life Science Industry Talent


An Entrepreneur

During a time when the global job market was in a crippling downtrend, Life Science Graduates of OMICS International were beginning a new and promising chapter in their lives. Equipping its students with real-world skills, resources, and experience necessary to meet India’s strict Life Science industry requirements, OMICS creates new paths for young and aspiring minds to become executives, coordinators, presenters, translators, editors, and freelancers. The company even offers the Young Scientist Award , much like the award Dr Srinubabu earned himself, at the Human Proteome Organization in Seoul, Korea, in 2007.

A Philanthropist

In an effort to give back to the society that had shaped his life and career, Dr Srinubabu adopted seven villages in the Srikakulam District of Andhra Pradesh. He currently provides safe drinking water to Allenna, Burja, Kilentra, G B Puram, Peddapeta, Palavalasa, Kothapeta and its nearby villages, where contaminated water is leading to an increased rate of cancer. Dr Srinubabu is also involved in expanding resources for education, healthcare, and sanitation within these communities.

Educational Contributions

Education lays the foundation for the success of any society, and is the torch-bearer for any progress, be it scientific or technological.

The OMICS Educational Society utilizes faculty development workshops to provide resources, such as audio/visual learning equipment and other methods of technical assistance, to better equip teaches to educate community members. OMICS has made inroads into seven interior villages of the Srikakulam District, where it has extended support to schools to reform and strengthen primary and secondary education.

Under the leadership of Dr Srinubabu, the OMICS Educational Society strives to partner with engineering colleges to build educational curricula that provide knowledge and experience necessary for real-world success.

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